Jerry Seinfeld’s Incredibly Bad Acura Commercials

Earlier this year, Will Ferrell came out with a series of incredibly “so bad, they’re actually kind of good” Dodge Durango ads.  Now, Jerry Seinfeld is doing the same thing for Acura.

Seinfeld’s Motivation


Seinfeld has been a part of some of the Super Bowl’s most memorable commercials.

Recently, Seinfeld –who skyrocketed to fame in the 90s on his self-named sitcom- has been working on a new web series called “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.” The show is hilarious and has been a smash hit on a very tough and competitive medium, the internet. This show was an incredible risk for Seinfeld, too; putting out a bad web based series could’ve tarnished his reputation with the younger generation. So why did a writer-actor of Seinfeld’s caliber take the chance? The most important reason is: creative control.

Seinfeld says, “[The show is] very much like the experience of being a stand-up comic in that you come up with something and you bring it right to the general public…I just went right to the public with it and they liked it and it didn’t really matter much what anybody else thought about it.” This creative control has allowed Seinfeld to be extremely innovative, as well. “Comedians in Cars” is basically just a one-on-one interview with some of the most legendary writers and comedians of this era; Seinfeld often jokes that this show is his “actual show about nothing”. That, of course, doesn’t prevent it from being unbelievably hilarious. Seinfeld’s knack for humor when it comes to the minute and mundane aspects of life shines through during every episode. It’s obvious that Seinfeld has never been afraid to push the envelope, and now, he’s doing it again with his new series of Acura commercials.

Seinfeld, the Pitchman?

To compliment his show, Seinfeld has been working as a copywriter, developing eight new Acura commercials. These commercials will be placed at the beginning and end of each of his webisodes, and the entire idea is….well, it’s genius. Seinfeld is not only writing, producing, and starring in the show; he’s making the commercials, too! This could be a huge step for the way advertisement is done.

If advertisers used the actors from the shows, it could be beneficial to all parties. Obviously, people tune in to a program to get their fill of certain personalities and energies. By keeping the commercials similar to the show in tone, agencies will be engaging watchers and keeping them locked in to what is being sold. This approach is also brilliant on Seinfeld’s part. It gives him a stranglehold on everything that is going on, which means more money and power for him. It’s just more proof of how incredibly savvy Jerry Seinfeld actually is.

Are the Commercials Really Bad?

Seinfeld has received a lot of attention over his new Acura commercials. Some people think that they are terrible, and some believe they are the funniest commercials that they’ve seen in years. I’m with the crowd that believes that the commercials are hilarious. I’ve been sick of the common car and truck commercials for years; there’s only a certain amount of times I can watch a Ford 4×4 drive through the mountains and tell me how tough they are. Also, I’m always ready for anything being written by Jerry Seinfeld. The guy is a comic master that never fails to disappoint. If you haven’t seen the commercials, take the time to check them out.

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2 thoughts on “Jerry Seinfeld’s Incredibly Bad Acura Commercials

  1. Brilliant concept, phenomenal cars and comical conversations. It feels like spying in on comic geniuses for a day.
    I’m always hoping he’ll one day feature a vinatge four-wheeler or camper van.

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