Karmann Ghia Restoration

This past weekend, I was in my father-in-laws garage working with him on the restoration of a ’74 Karmann Ghia convertible. I just joined the team, but this is a project he has been planning and working on for years. Just a few months ago, the car was nothing but a rusted junker. But now, it’s already starting to show promise.

Currently, all the pieces are lined up to make this bad boy perfect; the work is the only thing left to do. Yesterday, we were sand blasting different parts, making them them look as good as new. Check out the pics. I’ll have more updates soon!


Here is the Karmann Ghia on the lift.


Yesterday, for the most part, we worked on sand blasting a few parts to make sure they looked perfect.


The inside of the sand blaster. That thing was loud as hell.


Right now, the car is hollowed out, but in a few months, it’s going to look good as new. We still have the original seats, and they’re in mint condition.


A standard 4 cylinder engine. Karmann Ghia’s were originally made with standard Volkswagen Beetle engines, which weren’t always so hot.


The motor goes in the back of the car.


My father-in-law checking a piece out after it was sand blasted.


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