Have You Heard About the Truck Made Out of Ice????


Iceculture workers are piecing together this crazy concept vehicle.

For the past few weeks, record lows in temperatures have been punching North America in the face. Yesterday, Chicago set an all-time January 5th low of minus-16 degrees. Then, there was that San Francisco- Green Bay NFL game that reached minus 15 degrees, making it one of the coldest games of all-time!! (Of course, nothing will ever top the Ice Bowl. You know, the game where player’s fingers were amputated due to frostbite!). For countless people, this cold weather means calling out of work and hanging out by the fire place. But, not for the workers at Canadian Tire and the sculptors at Iceculture.

Anticipating that this winter was going to be particularly cold, Canadian Tire developed, planned, and built an ice truck for the winter months. The truck was started by using the frame of a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 HD. Using this blueprint, an unbelievable transformation took place (a transformation so big that “fat Jonah Hill” is rolling over in his grave). The sculptors and auto experts worked side by side to replace the truck’s body with ice alternatives. The ice was kept in place by using a specially fitted steel frame to support the newly constructed ice chassis. Probably, the most mind blowing part of the entire truck is the interior of the cab and the photos that have been released of it. By the end of the process, the 15,000 pound truck was composed of 11,000 pounds of ice and 4,000 pounds of truck parts.


Check out the inside of the cab, pretty CRAZY.

This car is not just some ice statue, though; it actually functions! Early in December it made a 4 kilometer drive through Zuron County at a steady pace of 12 mph. To keep the truck from melting during the drive, designers incorporated special fans to blow out unnecessary warm air. In a report released by The Toronto Sun, Iceculture president Heidi Bayley said, “It was probably one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever done.” I would think so.

The entire production was done in an attempt to promote Canadian Tire’s new batteries that they claimed could work in extremely cold conditions. Canadian Tire pushed the battery and the ice truck in a special commercial that aired during New Year’s Day and the NHL’s Open-Aired Hockey Classic(Check out the video below). Also, they are attempting to get recognized by Guinness World Records in the upcoming days. Until then, they’ll settle for being recognized as geniuses.


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