Volkswagen’s Luxury Car Division Sales are Skyrocketing


The compact Audi A3 has played a huge role in Audi’s spectacular year.

Volkswagen has made it clear: they plan to be the biggest auto manufacturer in the world by 2018. If 2013 is any indication, this goal is certainly attainable.

With Audi, Porsche, and Bentley sales skyrocketing, 2013 marked a high water mark for Volkswagen’s luxury vehicle department. Much of this can be contributed to the financial improvements in some of the world’s largest countries, particularly Russia, China, and India. With more money flowing and the economy starting to bounce back, the United States is also adding to the improvement in luxury vehicle sales. IBM leader, Jill Puleri, says, “People are putting their money into things that will last.”

These financial improvements came at the perfect time for Volkswagen, a company that invests much of its time, money, and energy into luxury vehicles. In 2013, sales improvements included:

  • Audi deliveries rising 8.3 percent to 1.58 million cars and SUVs
  • Porsche deliveries rising 15 percent to 162,000 vehicles
  • Bentley deliveries rising 19 percent to 10,000 units

The Porsche Macan was a huge seller in 2013

Because of this increase, Volkswagen has decided to double down on their luxury department this year. They plan to expand Bentley by releasing its first ever SUV, while adding a Macan crossover to their Porsche division. As far as Audi goes, Volkswagen and Audi insiders believe that it will soon replace BMW as the world’s leading manufacturer of premium vehicles. Audi CEO, Rupert Stradler, says, “In the past four years alone, Audi has attracted more than 600,000 new customers.” WOW. Those numbers sure bode well for a company that has high ambitions.


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