Apple’s Concept Car: the iMove

Why do all cars seem to follow the same basic engineering scheme? Sure, some break the mold, slightly, but nobody ever tries to redefine everything about the ascetics of an automobile. Well, innovators at Apple have been thinking a lot about this lately.

imoveApple- the company that brings us some of the best computers, phones, and tablets- has spent the last few years thinking about how they can expand their company even further. They decided that the natural answer, of course, would be automobiles. After all, automobiles are rich in technology, and the future of our roads are only going to get more and more tied up in this technological game.

That is why auto designer Liviu Tudoran has been working on an Apple concept car, known simply as the iMove. Early reports claim that this iMove will be powered by a zero emissions electric motor. Not surprisingly, it will also feature some of the best gadgetry that has ever been seen in a car.

In fact, it has been reported that the dashboard of the vehicle will be one large touch screen device! Amazingly, this dashboard will be charged by electricity that is generated from the roof of the vehicle, which will be covered with pyramidal glass receptors.

But the craziest innovation may be the fact that drivers can change the exterior look of their automobile just by pressing a button! Apple has created this innovation by forming the car’s body with photocromic material that is able to change colors at any time. Welcome the road’s new chameleon.

With an anticipated release date of 2020, the iMove has been designed to break the mold of automobiles ascetics. The car doesn’t have the prototypical windshield, doors, or wheels. Instead, its design looks eerily similar to the Macintosh mouse shape that we have at our computers.

This morphed vehicle shape allows the vehicle to have some funky features, including the ability for the  roof to open and close while drivers are on the move.

Reportedly, the iMove will be able to hold as many as three people, and there will be a luggage compartment in the back of the vehicle. According to Redif Business, “Liviu Tudoran feels that Apple Macintosh is an exclusive brand with personality that has a specific range of target buyers- these are people already using the Apple products and are eager to drive more than just a vehicle.”

Is anybody excited for this vehicle? Does it have a future? Comment and let me know what you think.



6 thoughts on “Apple’s Concept Car: the iMove

  1. I like the name! It’s very futuristic. Not sure how well it will do. Considering the prices that Apple products go for now, it will surely cost a pretty penny to buy. But then again, somehow, the “need” to get the latest iProduct has this power to make money just appear out of no where. It’d definitely be interesting to take one for a ride, I think!

  2. I think cars of this ‘mouse’ like compact mould and electric motor, will be the wave of the future. I have never understood why it has taken so long for electric cars to take off. Is this a petroleum conspiracy to make manufacturers and consumers hell bent on focusing on air contaminating pollutant vehicles? May be you can shed some light given your expertise on cars.

    • I think that you’re absolutely right. For some reason, a lot of people are against electric cars, and they don’t even know why. The reason, of course, is that big time car companies don’t want people to be on board with electric cars because they are not prepared to compete yet. They control the market.
      However, many of these big time companies are now creating entire departments to electric development. When they are ready to play ball, they will shift the market. They have to; it’s undeniable that electric cars are the way of the future.

      • Great reply. Very informative. I know will not buy a car unless it is 100% electric. Until then I will have to remain a walker and public transport cheepskate haha I hope those big company electric departments get into the swing of things real quick!

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