Bronx Couple Survives Incredible 50 Foot Fall

bronxThe Bronx is known for being tough. It’s the city where boxing legend Jake LaMotta threw his mitts around. It’s where Al Pacino grew up and drew from to create so many memorable cinematic monsters (long live Tony Montana! And Frank Serpico! And Michael Corleone!!!).

Last week, the Bronx got a little tougher with the report of a married couple free falling from 50 feet up in their car and walking out as if nothing happened. The accident happened when Carlos Broadbelt and Luz Cruz (both 54 years old) were driving on the Bruckner Expressway. Reportedly, they swerved to avoid a pothole and lost traction because of the ice buildup. From there, they glided over the top of the side railing and somehow landed directly on the wheels of their Toyota Matrix.

When recounting the event, Broadbelt said, “You don’t have time to think. All you do is hold on to the steering wheel and hope for the best. When I landed, I said, ‘Thank you God.’ There is a God. Those who don’t believe that there is a God; they are mistaken. Because I know there is a God. You saw the car.”

Broadbelt suffered two broken ribs and a sprained ankle, while his wife was kept in the ICU. Fortunately, both are doing well and are unphased by the incident. When asked about his injuries, “Broadbelt said, “Two broken ribs and a sprained ankle. That’s it. No big deal.”

The car, on the other hand, is shattered, looking as though it was blown up with a bomb.